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FI’s that sign up for this product, will be able to instantly launch this service as their own, with fully branded screens, receipts, reports and user experiences.

What is CommerceOne?

CommerceOne is a web based application for businesses that facilitate B2B and B2C use cases. The application automates the process of Account Receivables, Account Payables and Cash Management for organizations of all sizes.
The application is built for domestic and/or cross border transactions and both individuals and business users. All transactions are verified with KYC/AML screening on both the sender and receiver. While transactions will originate at a Teller location with the sender physically present, on the receive side it could be a teller based cash pay out or a credit to a bank or wallet account.
FI’s that sign up for this product, will be able to instantly launch this service as their own, with fully branded screens, receipts, reports and user experiences.

Some use cases may include
Businesses can make all their business payments to any bank account (domestic and/or cross border) via the app or web portal.
The application will be integrated to the National Payment Switch of the country where it will operate.
Application will be integrated to customer FI’s core banking application, so that the Debit side of the app is automated. Once a Payable gets all necessary approvals thru clicks on the system for example, an automatic debit of their bank account with your FI is triggered and a corresponding credit happens in destination customers bank account (if receiving FI is different from sending FI, the transaction will be routed through the local payment switch automatically).
Application automates the entire Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions for businesses, so that payments can be triggered automatically and debits and credits happen on a click, once all approvals are received.
Application generates invoices and chases unpaid invoices automatically.
Application is very user friendly, in order to encourage instant adoption.
Application provides a wide range of reports for businesses, so they can monitor aging, payables, receivables, and perform many analysis based on the data captured.
Application integrates with all major accounting systems that are in use by businesses. For customers that need tailor made integrations, they are available for a low fee.

Some Features Of CommerceOne

Domestic and/or Cross Border
Sending and/or Receiving
Application User
Backend System for Financial Institution.
Individuals and Business
Use Cases
C2C, B2B, C2B & B2C
Web Based
Realtime KYC/AML screening on Sender and Receiver
Full FSP Admin Controls (limits, users, rates, fx, currencies, etc)
OneLoup API's available
Transaction Time
Transaction Mode
Account to Account Only
SSL, TLS, AES 256, end-to-end encryption

OneLoup is a payments platform, built to enable financial institutions manage their cross-border fund transfers more economically, securely and instantly



501 Silverside Rd
Wilmington, DE 19809.

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