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OneLoup is building a global platform that FI’s can join to connect with one another. Once integrated on the OneLoup platform, FI’s will have instant access to domestic and cross border realtime payments.

What is Connect?

Transactions will be initiated by the FI’s customers (individuals and businesses) on the FI’s app or web portal. Once initiated, OneLoup will manage the back end transaction routing to the destination customers account, be it a domestic or cross border transaction.
The core of this product offering is the network and connectivity with other FIs. On the front end, the FI’s own application will be client facing. So an FI’s customers will initiate transactions using the FI’s own website or App. Once the transaction is initiated, the FI can route that transaction to OneLoup, to take it to the receiving FI (for both domestic and/or cross border transaction).

Once an FI integrates with the OneLoup Platform (only one API integration needed to Connect to the world), it can start sending and receiving transactions from all other FI’s on the network. No need to sign individual agreements with each FI on the network.
Sending FI sets their own pricing for their customers.
OneLoup negotiates receive side FI pricing, so that Send side FI’s know exactly what they need to pay per transaction.
FI’s can override the OneLoup receive side pricing and replace with their own (if they have an existing relationship with any receive side FI and a better revenue sharing pricing in place, or if they establish such a relationship in the future).
OneLoup charges a small fee per transaction to the sending FI.
FI’s will only need one integration with OneLoup and connect to all other FI’s on the system. No need to maintain multiple integrations and headaches.
Settlements can be managed by FI’s directly or outsourced to OneLoup.
If settlements are outsourced, OneLoup requires a prefund from the sending FI.
The network can use fiat currencies or alternatives (digital currencies) for settlements.
Transactions are in realtime, multi-currency and on a 24/7/365 basis with technical support.

Some Features Of Connect

Domestic and/or Cross Border
Sending and/or Receiving
Application User
Backend System for Financial Institution.
Individuals and Business
Use Cases
C2C, B2B, C2B & B2C
Web Based
Realtime KYC/AML screening on Sender and Receiver
Full FSP Admin Controls (limits, users, rates, fx, currencies, etc)
OneLoup API's available
Transaction Time
Transaction Mode
Account to Account Only
SSL, TLS, AES 256, end-to-end encryption

OneLoup is a payments platform, built to enable financial institutions manage their cross-border fund transfers more economically, securely and instantly



501 Silverside Rd
Wilmington, DE 19809.

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