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At its core, OneLoup is committed to ensuring that every transaction is screened against the industry standard active sanction lists on a realtime basis. As such, KYC, KYA and AML screening technologies are built into the core application of the OneLoup system. Every transaction passes through the OneLoup compliance checks and both the payor and payee, be it individuals or business entities, are checked against the following sanctions lists in realtime.
  • OFAC Sanctions List-US
  • European Union
  • UN Sanctions List
  • UK Sanctions List
  • SECO Sanctions and Embargos
  • Australian Sanctions List
  • Canadian sanctions list
  • NACTA (to be included)

The sanction lists cover and are updated in realtime

  • International PEP and Sanctions
  • Criminal Lists
  • Interpol Wanted Lists
  • Securities Lists
  • Financial Lists

More details can be obtained by emailing us at

OneLoup has adopted the AES 256 encryption algorithm. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a fast, secure and symmetric block cipher chosen by governments to protect classified information.
AES is implemented in the OneLoup system to encrypt sensitive data while in transit or residing in the database.


OneLoup is a payments platform, built to enable financial institutions manage their cross-border fund transfers more economically, securely and instantly



501 Silverside Rd
Wilmington, DE 19809.

Phone: +1 415 742 7279

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